How should the script be updated?

There are two types of updates, those that exclusively affect files and those that affect files and databases.
  • For updates that affect files we only have to unzip the application in the directory except for the .env file.
  • For updates that affect files and databases, the previous step must be done, but the following command must also be executed by SSH.
php artisan install:update

What do I have to do before updating?

ALWAYS, before updating, you must make a backup copy of the database and files.
In case of error, you would only have to restore the database to the backup made and put back the files that have been saved in this copy.

How often is the application updated?

The application is updated every seven days if an error or bug is detected.
The application adds new functionalities very frequently, but there are no fixed dates. You can request changes or suggestions in the following form:
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